I was commissioned to direct an emotive series of videos to promote Debbie Bliss Wool now being exclusively stocked by loveknitting.com. Through interviews with passionate knitters, we got to the heart of "Why I Knit".

The Brief: ‘Love Knitting’ is the go-to marketplace and community hub for all things knitting. Recently they welcomed world famous knitting queen Debbie Bliss and her product range to the family and approached us to help make a splash with the news! They wanted something inclusive and authentic, something which celebrated Debbie but also the community who made her who she is today.

The Solution: We discovered an insight that people knit for a huge variety of personal reasons so we invited a group of Debbie Bliss super fans from around the world to join us for a group knitting session focused around the theme ‘WHY I KNIT’. By shooting in a single location we could capture a huge range of stills and film content as well as in depth personal stories from our knitters.

Why it Mattr’d: The content we captured created an asset library that was distributed across print and online for the months to come, meaning the client got maximum bang for their budget.  We also generated some invaluable, earned media through the 15 super fans and influencers and the subsequent thousands who later shared and commented on the films with their own personal stories and knitting stories via social media with the hashtag #WhyIKnit.

News Flash: The campaign achieved record breaking results on Facebook Vs the norm with on around half the cost per incremental person!

– Description via the Mattr Media, the production company for this project.